Love is very much in the air at the BMG office this Valentine’s. Past couple of years haven’t exactly been the rosiest for our clients and of course many other businesses – so to see a big bunch of red roses arrive in the office today from one of our clients, filled our hearts with absolute joy! And what’s even more special is that the beautiful bouquet is from one of our valued clients, VP FLOWERS, DUBLIN. Since 2018, we’ve been helping VP Florists with all their financial affairs and would like to take this heart-felt opportunity to wish all the team at VP Flowers a bloomin’ good year!


Now for the 12 ROSY REASONS (will keep it short and sweet!).


  1. BMG is a FAMILY run business and fully understands the personal pressures that come with running a business.
  2. We LOVE what we do, yes, even a shoebox of receipts gets us all excited.
  3. Speaking of SHOEBOX – we’re about making life easier for clients, helping them find simple ways to keep their financial affairs in order. Receipts in the box!
  4. EDUCATING our clients, seeing the relief on their faces when we teach them how to streamline their workflow and master a new financial software package.
  5. Being able to EMPOWER our clients, guiding them on how to gain control of their financial affairs in a language that is easily understood.
  6. If we can help a business to GROW, then we know we are also helping the economy and our community.
  7. Having worked in the financial field for many years (a lady doesn’t divulge her age twice, see last blog!) we readily SHARE our knowledge and experience with all our clients, new and existing.
  8. We feel BLESSED to get to work with a diverse range of industries, getting to know the client and the challenges their business faces. Keeps it interesting!
  9. Learning that we share the same VALUES and ethos with our clients and strengthening that working relationship.
  10. Being HUMAN. In today’s digital world, real communication can get lost in translation. So, we always (unless we’re busy accepting a floral delivery!) pick up the phone when a client rings.
  11. Tax should be taxing, but not for us – because we have a FUN team who we value and appreciate. Their special days are our special days. And at BMG, we celebrate each and every one.
  12. Did we mention the PERKS? Thank you, VP Flowers. Office looking all-loved up today!


What is it about your business that makes you PASSIONATE? We’d really love to know so please share with us!


Happy Valentines,

Lesa, Nora & all the Team at Brady Management Global.