Keeping all your books under one roof

About Us

Brady Management Global is a family run business based here in Ireland and in the US, offering a wide range of financial services including bookkeeping and payroll. Whatever your business our services are tailored to suit all, including Start-Ups, SME’s and Sole Traders.

With a loyal client base that already benefits from our personalised and professional services, we welcome new clients who will enjoy other added benefits including the commitment and support we reserve for all our clients. From start-up phase to long term development and success, we’ll guide you on each financial step of your business journey answering every query you may have along the way. Working with us you don’t just save time and money you also gain total peace of mind by simply ‘keeping all your books under one roof.’

Company Ethos

At Brady Management Global we strive for growth in all areas. From staff training and support, to helping start-up businesses get on their financial feet or preparing established clients for the ever-changing accounting requirements, we’re constantly one step ahead. Committed to our clients and driven by their financial needs we operate in an honest and fair manner.
At all times we promote a healthy workplace for all our staff team, offering flexibility when it comes to work and home life. A family-run business, we understand the importance of balance and how that aids both morale and productivity.

Lesa Malone & Nora Morris.

Vision Statement

To be globally recognized (yes we know this is big) as the company of choice for providing “peace of mind” for our clients knowing the household side of their business is managed, pain points are solved and opportunities for streamlining have been identified. We want to eliminate fear and stress by supporting and guiding our clients to successfully achieve their plans and accomplish their life and business goals.

Mission Statement

To share our knowledge, expertise and exceptional financial and professional services while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and transparency. To establish trust and loyalty for our clients and staff alike by creating a dynamic, open atmosphere that encourages creative thinking, innovative ideas and providing an environment where both can grow and succeed to have a harmonious balance between work and family life.

Key Message

Our passion is to help others, we believe that having the financial side of the business taken care of relieves stress and offers “peace of mind” to our clients and allows them the freedom to concentrate on building their business and having a better lifestyle. We want our clients to experience the benefit of having all their books under one roof i.e. the advantages to having all financial matters taken care of by the one service provider, there is a flow to the process and the information.

Our clients often feel less stressed even after our initial one to one consultation to discuss their issues, after just making the decision to tackle their issues they already feel better. They know they can rely on their financial information to be accurate, up to date and in real time ensuring they are revenue compliant and ready for expansion, so this is like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. We help them by

  • Educating them to self-manage finances (if that’s what they want to do)
  • Support and guide, and offer a friendly ear and a helpful hand on their journey
  • Customise and personalise our services to their individual needs
  • Highlight the benefits of “keeping all your books under one roof”
  • Share our knowledge and experience to ease their stress and remove fear

Our Promise

  • To be clear and precise from the outset
  • Outline in detail the steps to be taken
  • Highlight the benefits (that the clients will see in a short space of time)
  • Ensure the financial side runs smoothly and cost effectively
  • Provide timely, reliable and consistent results
  • Deliver on these promises with pleasure